Styles of hijab !!

For some it’s all about religion and conviction, for others it’s tradition, for a lot of women it’s a choice. 

Chiffon, viscose, satin or silk? Long shawl or square shawl? Something wide or a little narrower? Having so many options means there are endless hijab styles you can achieve. Whether you’re a recent hijabi who’s looking to find her signature style, or a seasoned hijabi tired of her current one, here are five hijab styles you can try out!

The following are some common and most popular five types of Islamic headwear styles, which are the fashion inspiration for many Islamic hijabi fashionistas. ( styles of Hijab )

style hijab
  • Hijab: The most traditional type of headscarf wrapped by Muslim women in Europe. It is a headscarf that shields the head and neck but gives the face clear. The scarves come in many distinctive shades and shapes and are usually colour coordinated with ladies’ outfits.
  • Abaya: These are large, loosely suited garments worn by Muslim women to conceal the shape of their bodies. They are often covered in union with the hijab or niqab.
  • Niqab: The niqab is a union of a head covering and scarf that includes all of a gentlewoman’s appearance except for her eyes. It normally runs down to the mid-back to cover a woman’s hair and may pass down to the mid-chest in the front. It is most often carried in Arab countries, but a growing quantity of Muslim women in the west prefer to wear it. Although many scholars accept that the hijab is obligatory, only a few of them say that the niqab is.
  • Chador: The chador is a body-length outer attire, regularly black, worn chiefly by women in the Iran region. It is not guarded at the front by buttons or clasps, so the lady holds it folded.
  • Burqa: The terms niqab and burqa are often mistakenly applied interchangeably; a niqab includes the face while a burqa envelops the whole body from the top of the head to the ground. It is the most maximum concealing of all Islamic veils. It shields the entire face, including the eyes (with a mesh cloth to see through) and the body.
styles of hijab
styles of hijab

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