5 Tips To Look Like A Hijab Fashionista !

The Essentials

Few important elements you should have it no matter if you work or study. 

Two different shades of jeans dark and light. Black abaya, a blazer and 3 basic colors of your favorite hijab fabric ( black, White and beige). Investing in these essentials is important as you’ll be building your outfits around these key pieces.

The Accessories

Bags are so important to complete your look you need a classy good day bag and a Shoulder bag. For shoes you need to have a sneaker, one simple node colored heel, and a black and white flats. 

Understand Your body

You have to understand what types of clothes suit you. If you like wearing sport clothes, you would want to buy more jeans than skirts. Sometimes, it is not just about your interest but your physic as well. 

Transform your Old Clothes to a Trendy Ones!

The best way is to Re-think outfit combinations, sometimes you feel bored by the outfit options in your wardrobe. This is often has more to do with how we view the item than it does with the item’s actual limits. In reality you can create a great new look from your existing wardrobe For instance, why give up on short-sleeved dresses or blouses, when they can work perfectly with a denim jacket of a kimono. 

Finally Get creative.

As hijab fashionista, Mix and Match Colors is an essential key to end up with a chic and stylish outfit, you must know how to wear the colors together. Although breaking the fashion rules seem adventurous, you must get good at the basic color first.

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