I get tons of request asking for a pictorial on how to tie a turban using regular hijab.

tie hijab turban

The turban makes you glamorous because it can easily add a touch of drama to your basic jeans and T-shirt or even your little black dress.

I love the turban style for several different reasons…not only is the turban an ethnic, creative fashion piece but its also a quick alternative to make a style out.

turban dubai girl

There are several different ways to rock a turban/headscarf and i will explain the basic one.

1- Begin by pulling all of your hair forward into a large bun or puff. The bun/puff is what you will use to guide you when you are wrapping the scarf around your head.

2- Your choice of scarf is up to you, but I personally prefer using a rectangular hijab scarf and the best ones are the jersey hijabs, If you are using a very large scarf, start by folding your hijab in half lengthwise or if the hijab is already the perfect size start by just holding up the hijab lengthwise.

3- Line up the center of the fold with the base of your head and pull the hijab forward. Hold the front of the hijab securely.

4- Begin twisting the hijab as if you are putting your hair into a bun. Twist at least mid-way down the scarf.

5- As you are twisting you should begin wrapping it around the base of the bun, and just keep wrapping and twisting. When you get to the end, tuck the loose ends of the hijab under the twist to secure and hide.

Enjoy your perfect turban style 😉

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