Hijabi guide that you’ll need next time you go shopping

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I love looking stylish, but when I’m out shopping, I end up buying a hijab without a matching outfit or the other way around. If you have a glance at your closet right now, you will be surprised to realize that there are many garments that you have never found time or the right match to wear. Primarily, this is because you did not follow any guide when you were making the purchases. For those people who have a proper guide whenever they go shopping, the narrative is different, so below are the best guides you will need next time you go shopping:

1. Does it conform to the norms of Muslims about dressing code?

Islamic dressing code takes into account modesty dressing. It focuses on eliminating the chances of attracting an individual’s attention.

After a thorough self-interrogation, if the answer is no concerning this particular question, definitely, you shouldn’t buy the clothes. Typically, the Islamic guidelines on clothing should have three-quarter sleeves, the top should be cut low, and it should not be tight. Even though you have a matching long shirt that you think that will cover the tight jeans, the trousers ought not to be close. Moreover, do not wear the leggings purposely to act as pants.

You should also avoid the leather leggings also.  Ensure that the clothes are loose enough and they do not draw the body outline. Some women resort to wearing a light cloak on top of their clothing to basically to hide the body curves.

2. Is the Cloth fitting well?

You must ask yourself this critical question whenever you plan to buy any clothing. Regardless of the merits of the garment, if it does not fit properly onto your body, then it is a waste of money. The price or the color might be very attractive and even the overall details are lovely, but failure to fit well onto your body outweighs all those advantageous facts.

Indeed, if the clothing does not fit onto your body well, never bother buying it. Ideally, it is going to stay in the closet forever. You will not feel comfortable if you wear clothing that is not fitting you. You need to feel easy whenever you are walking around while wearing your new dress. However, you may buy an article of clothing that does not fit you well if you find it worth spending extra funds to tailor it.

3. Is it compatible with hijab?

Keep in mind your favorite hijabs in your closet. The cloth may fit the Islamic policies and norms regarding modesty. However, if it does not match with the hijab, then do not buy it. It means that it should be pairing well without appearing forced to match with the latter. A typical example is the top. If it’s short and loose, wearing a long sleeve underneath might not match well with the hijab on top. The hijab ought to transform your outfit to a stylish one, it should not pose a competition with the clothing that you intend to wear with it.

4. How long will the cloth last?

Indeed, we all wish to wear a piece of cloth for an ageless period. Therefore, when it comes to buying clothing, the best option is usually what will last at least one year. This depends on the capacity of the dress or top to be styled differently to fit the seasons throughout the year. It implies that when buying a garment, it is good to consider choosing how and what will style with it in different ways. Regardless of the prevailing price, for instance, never purchase something that you won’t be able to design throughout the year. It is better to go for clothing that is expensive, but it will last for quite some time like one year.

5. Do I have what I require to make the clothing wearable?

Well, you have gone to the mall and found a beautiful dress to wear, but surprisingly enough, you don’t have any other clothing that works with it. However, you have an option of going to the mall again to find something that works well with the purchase, but this is not worth it. First, you will waste time and secondly, you’re going to have a hard time finding a match, hence, losing interest in that particular clothing.

In most cases, whenever you realize that you do not have something that will make the clothing wearable, you may opt to throw it away, or at times, put it in the closet. It turns out to be a waste of resources.

To avoid this situation, make sure you check your closet well before you go to the mall or the website, select a piece of clothing that will make the new purchase wearable.

6. Does it have a good quality?

It is important to ask yourself this question once you have selected your clothing online or in the mall: is it made well? It helps you to buy a piece of clothing that you will love wearing. Yes, you are free to choose what you think will fit onto your body nicely. But is also an excellent point to ensure that the clothing is well made. It will make you feel comfortable when you shall be walking around while wearing it.

7. Do I have a hijab that will match it?

After considering the other factors when buying, it is imperative to remember that you need a hijab that will match it well. If you do not have the right hijab, your clothing will be kept in the closet for no reasonable purpose or (you can buy a matching pinless hijab from our store).

8. Do I have a similar piece?

Another important tip, whenever you go shopping, is to make sure you have something that is not similar to what you intend to buy. If you have then, that you need to ask yourself another question: have I worn it before? And how often do I wear it? Then you won’t end up buying the clothing you already have in your closet.

9. Can I Change or Return it?

Moreover, whenever you make a purchase, you need to take into consideration whether you will be able to return it if there is a need. It is common to realize that you hate what you have already bought once you reach home. Now, if you happen to dislike the clothing that you have just purchased, you may be prompted to return it to the seller. Whenever you buy a top or dress, make sure that the garment has a return policy. In other words, have a look at its features.

Indeed, the existence of a favorable return policy is something worth considering when making the purchases of clothing. Some stores offer an exchange only policy. To avoid this problem, make sure you try the piece of clothing well before making the purchase.

10. Do you love this modest dress or top?

This is among the grand questions that you need to ask yourself when you are at the eve of purchasing modest clothing. I repeatedly ask myself this question too, whenever I am make any purchase especially online. You should wear what you absolutely love only. Anything else is a waste of money. No matter how cheap it is, you will not be comfortable wearing something that you hate.

Therefore, the most significant test is to walk away from that particular item that you do not like. Surely, you need love whatever that you will keep in your closet.

Going to the shop may be an exciting experience. Although, it seems that there were few shopping options earlier that will make you look stylish and modest at the same time. Today, you can find multiple stores with fashionable modest clothing as well as modern practical hijabs that are also pinless to help women facing doubts and insecurities in wearing their hijab. This guide will make your shopping experience smooth and easy. Additionally, it’ll come in handy whenever you make an online purchase as well.

Thank you for reading. don’t forget to visit our jersey hijabs collection.


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