What To Consider When Wearing Hijab For The First Time

wearing hijab for first time

if you are wearing hijab for the first time then you have four things to consider as listed below:

Keeping your hijab neat and tidy all day

It takes some practice and a whole lot of pins to maintain your hijab tidy and in place throughout the day. Yes, the secret to styling a hijab is how you pin it carefully making sure it holds up the scarf together without falling apart. Don’t worry, the first attempts of putting on a hijab would be a series of trial and error.

Own an instant hijab to save time and effort.

As a new hijabi, you must have put on and styled your hijab a couple of times then get tired of the pins sticking out. You must have experienced running late and paid little attention to keep your hijab perfectly fitted on your head. Try using an instant hijab or also known as pinless hijab that will only take you less than a minute to get ready. There’s a variety of instant hijab style that you can choose from. Different cuts and length to fit your style, if you live an active lifestyle you should invest in a pinless full inner hijab to go with your work out clothes.

Know the basic hijabi wardrobe essentials.

Nothing could bring more comfort to a new hijabi than having the right pieces of hijabi wardrobe essentials on her closet to ease herself in having to dress appropriately. A plain colored hijab is a safe choice for every hijabi, you might also need an inner wrap and sleeves to go with your choice of outfit.

Don’t forget to try different hijab styles.

Dressing up would be more fun when there’s plenty of options to play with. Try out to mix things up with printed hijabs to add more colour to your style. Just be careful not to wear it altogether with other prints, to have a more modest look. Other new hijabis make the mistake of overdoing things and end up looking immodest which defeats the essence of wearing a hijab.

A new hijabi must also adapt to being comfortable in wearing her new hijab on a daily basis.

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