Without a doubt, hijab fashion has been making waves in recent years. The mainstream fashion industry is experiencing a significant rise in demand for modest wear and scarves (also known as hijabs). While its consumers are largely made up of Muslim women living in the East, there is a secondary market, made up of non-Muslims who are making a substantial contribution to this rise in demand and this includes Orthodox, Jews, and Christians looking to wear covered-up clothing and be comfortable.

At the rate of its current growth, the modest and hijab fashion industry could potentially disrupt the mainstream fashion market. Moreover, due to women’s increasing demand for modest wear and hijabs, more and more designers and savvy fashion entrepreneurs are getting involved in this market. The estimated 56 percent revenue increase by 2020 from its $210 billion value as of 2014 could exponentialize the fashion market scene. As expected, the online search for “modest fashion” and “hijabs” has also increased, with Pinterest getting as much as a 500 percent increase in 2018 alone. hijab 2020

hijab 2020

With the promising figures the market in these areas has achieved in recent years, its prevalence within the mainstream industry still remains moderate at best. To clearly understand the void in the market, it is important to have a clear grasp on what the current modest fashion audience looks like.

hijab 2020 style
hijab style 2020

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