Hello Hijabi’s, If you just started wearing hijab or you are looking to give a hijab as a gift to someone or even if you have been wearing it for many years, you must have these three colors in your wardrobe. These three colors will help you get dressed easier every day.

white hijab

White hijab color is perfect when you want to keeps things simple, yet chic, and is an easy way to look fresh all season long. Choose a white hijab in cotton jersey if you want to wear it with casual outfits, and go for a white hijab in satin or chiffon if you’re wearing something more formal.

girl hijab

Black hijab color is timeless because it looks good on anyone it add to you look a sign of elegance, class and sophistication. Choose stretchy material for sport look and go for chiffon if you are looking for classy look.

hijabi girl

Beige striped hijab hijab color with beige/nude handbags and shoes are so trendy, and you need this classic headscarf color to match different looks with different colors and pattern.

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