8 Ways To Dress Yourself In Self Love

  1. Encourage Yourself Like You Encourage Others. You Deserve The Same Cheerleader Attitude You Give To Your Friend When She’s Feeling Down, So Don’t Forget To Bring On The Pompoms For You Too.
  2. Celebrate Your Big And Small Victories. Often Times We Cheer Ourselves On Only When We’ve Accomplished A Huge Goal. It’s Important To Also Take The Time To Recognise The Small Victories We Champion Each And Every Day.
  3. Place Boundaries In Your Life So That You Can Fill Yourself With Things And People That Give You Positive Energy. This Starts Off By Saying “No” To The Things That Don’t.
  4. Take 10 Minutes Out Of Your Day To Meditate. Practice Mindfulness And Deep Breathing. It’s Incredible What Deep Breaths Can Do For The Mind. Try It And Embrace The Clarity.
  5. Let Go Of The Things You Cannot Control. This Can Be Difficult And Will Probably Require The Help From Loved Ones, But Learning To Let Go Of The Past Or Current Situations That You Have No Control Over Will Be One Of The Most Rewarding Things You Can Do For Yourself.
  6. Give Up The Approval From Others And Social Media. We’ve Become So Driven By Notifications, Likes, And Engagements From Strangers And Even Our Loved Ones That It Becomes Hard To Tap Into Our Own Self-Acceptance. If You’re Not Sure How To Do This Look At Tip 5.
  7. Celebrate Humanness. You Cannot Make Everyone Happy Every Single Moment Of The Day And Every Single Time And That’s OK. We Make Mistakes. We’re All Human, And We’re Designed To Feel All Sorts Of Emotions Good And Bad. Embrace It.
  8. Find That Special Place That Re-Energises Your Heart, Soul, And Passions And Try Your Best To Travel There Often.

    You Can Even Travel There In Your Mind When You Close Your Eyes And Hear, See, And Feel All The Ways This Place Brings You Joy. (Even If It’s In The Corner Of Your House While Your Kids Are Screaming In The Background). More Self Love. Because You Deserve It

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