Hijab Style Guide for Modern Hijabi


Hijab Style Guide for Modern Hijabi

We believe that being a Hijabi shouldn’t limit your fashion choices – instead, by wearing a hijab, you have an additional accessory to dress up or down and transform your simple outfit into a staple trend, So if you don’t have any idea about different styles of Hijab then you can slide down and have a look.

A hijab can be worn in many different ways and can be adapted for a plethora of occasions and outfit styles, making it incredibly important that you remain in-the-know when it comes to the various materials, colours and hijab styles available to you. That’s why we’ve put together a complete hijab style guide with easy-to-follow steps to ensure you remain confident in your day-to-day styling.

When first browsing an online hijab store, it can be easy to overlook the fabrics and type of material used and, instead, opt for a headscarf purely based on its interesting pattern or stand-out colour shade.
While, naturally, picking out hijab styles based on their design is important to expressing your individual sense of style, carefully considering their materials will help you create the most effective look – and their importance shouldn’t be underestimated.

Classic Hijab Wrap

This is the most recognizable hijab style, and the easiest to put together as its one of the basic though simplest type of style.
  • Take a normal rectangular hijab and put it over your head, Keep one side longer than the other.
  • Secure both side of the hijab under the chin. Pin it by your chin to keep it secure, and drape the material over your shoulder
  • Flip one end of the scarf and flip it opposite to your shoulder. Bring it to the other side and tuck it.
  • Spread it and cover your chest.
  • Some hijabi’s fasten a pin on the top of the head, if you need to, make sure it catches all the material.
floral hijab in pistachio colorclassic hijab style

Draped Hijab Styles (Shoulder Drape)

  • Fit your underscarf as you normally would and frame the hijab around your face, keeping one side longer than the other
  • Pinch the hijab under your chin, like how you would style a classic hijab, and pin the hijab in place using a safety pin
  • Bring the shorter side up and over your head, so it’s draping down the opposite side of your face. Let the material create natural folds as you style it, neatening them as you’d like
  • Wrap the longer side under your chin and over your head so it joins the shorter length of your hijab. Make sure you don’t pull it too tightly, as this can flatten the folds. Adjust the hijab so the folds are how you want them
  • Use straight hijab pins to secure the hijab on top of your head and to the side, keeping them hidden amongst the folds

hijab in sunset colorsluxury hijab

Minimalist, Chic Hijab Style (Pinless tie back)

  • Place the long shawl on your head, equal length on both sides.
  • Then, secure it with a pin under your chin.
  • Take one side and flip it to the back, holding it tight against your neck.
  • While that’s in place, flip the other side back to meet the other material and tie a knot behind your neck.
  • Feel free to adjust depending on how tight you want the shawl to be around your neck.

لفات حجاباتجيرسي حجاب الوردي الفاتح

The Hijab Scarf wrap

  • Drape the hijab around your face, keeping one side longer than the other
  • Pinch the two sides together under your chin, crossing the longer side over the shorter side
  • Wrap the longer side around your neck, pulling it tightly enough that it stays secure, but not so tightly that you lose the natural folds
  • Fluff out the tail ends and the folds at your chest
    chiffon hijab in coffee