The Hijab Cap !!

I cannot express the difference between wearing a Hijab with Underscarf ( Hijab Cap ) or without it.

There are many different styles and types of underscarves and people use a variety of them to achieve a certain look, but let’s just stick to the basics. 

The underscarf ( hijab cap ) It is the difference between a “good hijab day” and a “bad hijab day”.  Every day is a “good hijab day” when you add this necessity into the mix. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why:

1.  They stop your hijab wrap/scarf from slipping – Sometimes this can be such a nuisance! Not to worry, because even hijab wraps/scarves that are made with a more slippery fabric (i.e. chiffon) will stay put all day long with a tube under scarf! 

2.  They are extremely comfortable – Unlike the effects of tying another wrap or scarf underneath (what I used to do once upon a time) tube under scarves easily slide on and can go over your ears without causing them to hurt at the end of the day. You literally don’t feel them!

3.  LUXY Hijab under scarves are the perfect size: Unlike other under scarves, they are sewn tight enough so that it won’t slip back (even on smaller heads) and it is easily stretches to accommodate larger heads.  They are purposely designed that way.

4.  They keep your hair tucked into place – Not an issue for everyone, but definitely a huge issue for some people.

5.  You have something to pin your hijab wrap/scarf to – Other than itself, sometimes you need to pin your hijab wrap/scarf down to something, and obviously your hair or scull are not really an option!

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underscarf hijab in black
Hijab Cap
hijab cap black


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