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what an underscarf and why to use it?

Under scarf, under hijab, full underscarf, bonnets, bonnet cap, bone cap, bonnet hat, turban, tie back cap, hijab cap, headband, hairband, bandana, bandanna, kylie band, snood….everyone has their own name for it but when it comes to wearing them, they generally serve the same purpose.

What is an Underscarf Hijab?

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An underscarf is a small piece of fabric used to cover the head. It is normally worn under a scarf or hijab. It comes in many different shapes, colors and designs and is useful for the following:

  • Worn to keep the hair away from the face, always convenient for if your hijab slips or becomes loose, you don’t have to keep tucking those stray wisps back under.
  • Worn under sheer or slippery hijabs. As nearly all underscarves are made of non-slip fabric, they will help keep those gorgeous chiffon hijabs where they should.
  • Also useful in providing coverage for under see through hijabs. Though it should be remembered that most (besides the full underscarf) do not provide coverage around the neck area.
  • Worn as an accessory, the underscarf hijab for the hijab is the equivalent of earrings to an outfit. Different underscarves can give you different looks with the same hijab or scarf. And due to the low value of an underscarf, this is always an added benefit.
underscarf hijab shop

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