Self-Care Is An Absolute Must For Everyone. But How Do You Do That When You’re Caring For Not One, But Two Lives?

Expectant Mothers Have A Lot On Their Minds, In Addition To Making It Through The Discomforts And Excitement Of Pregnancy.  Pregnancy Is A Time Of Massive Change In A Woman’s Life, And Becoming A Mom Brings The Most Significant Life Transformation Ever. Society Tells Us That Pregnancy Is A Magical Time, And While This Is True, It Is Also A Time Of Many Other Emotions Too.

Many Women Can Feel Overwhelmed By The Prospect Of Their Impending Arrival And May Feel Anxious About What They Will Experience As Life As A Parent. With Such A Life-Changing Moment Just Around The Corner, It Can Help To Put Some Self-Care Habits Into Place To Help You Feel As Prepared As Possible For Your New Baby’s Arrival, And To Make The Rest Of Your Pregnancy As Relaxed As It Can Be.

Start With Sleep

Make Sure To Sleep Whenever You Get The Opportunity To Do So. Turn In Earlier In The Evening So That You Get A Few Extra Hours To Sleep At Night. Taking Several Naps Throughout The Day Can Also Help. If You’re Working Full-Time, Take A Nap When You Get Home Before You Start Making Dinner To Allow Your Body To Rest. Also, Take Advantage Of The Weekends To Get As Many Naps As You Need.

Be Kind To Yourself

Pregnancy Is Different For Everyone. If You Don’t Feel As Cheery As You’re “Supposed” To Be, It’s Okay. Not Every Expecting Mother Is Going To Be Happy, Glowing And Full Of Joy. Sometimes It’s Stressful, Full Of Panic Attacks And Anxiety. So, Don’t Feel Any Undue Pressure On Yourselves For Not Being Perfect.

Prioritise Yourself

Do Something Just For You Once Each Day – Read, Watch, Listen, Move. Whatever It Is, Do It For You And Shake The Guilt And Worry. We Can Only Be The Best Version Of Ourselves For Everyone Else When We Are Looking After Ourselves.

Join A Support Group

Instead Of Going Through The Process Alone, It’s Always Helpful To Have A Bunch Of Women Around You Who Know Exactly What You’re Going Through. Support Groups Are Also Useful To Prepare You For The Labour Pains And What To Do Post-Partum.

You Also Need People In Your Life Who You Can Rely On In Case Of An Emergency. Familiarising Yourself And Baby With Somebody Now Will Make It Easier If It Ever Comes Down To Really Needing Help.

Ask For Help

And Say Yes To Offers Of Help – People Don’t Offer Unless They Genuinely Want To Help You, So You Are Not Being A Burden. Take Them Up On Their Offers. It’s Wonderful To Have People Around Who Care, Let Them Do It, But Be Specific About The Help You Need.


It’s Always An Important Self Care Strategy, But Maintaining Hydration Is Essential For Supporting Your Body To Heal And To Ensure Adequate Breastmilk Production. Hydrate By Drinking Water. Our Skin Undergoes A Lot Of Stretching During Pregnancy And Hydration Is Key To Helping Our Skin Retain Its Elasticity And To Relieve Dry And Irritated Skin.

Eat Well And Often

Good Food Is Essential. Eat Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Every Day. Fast Food Is Easy But It’s Not A Substitute For Real Food. It Takes Less Time To Wash An Apple Than It Does To Order A Donut And A Coffee, And It’s Much Better For You, Too.

Move Your Body

There Are So Many Benefits To Keeping Our Bodies Moving. Low Impact Activities Like Yoga And Stretching Can Help You Stay Positive And Release Endorphins. However, Before You Attempt High-Impact Activities, You Should Consult Your Doctor. Contact Sports Should Be Avoided At All Costs.

Indulge In A Prenatal Massage

Pamper Yourself With A Massage, Whether At A Local Spa Or In The Comfort Of Your Own Home. Try And Look For A Masseuse That’s Specially Trained In Prenatal Massages.


Mindfulness Is A Powerful Tool To Use In Life In General But Can Come In Especially Handy During Pregnancy And Your Life As A Parent. Mindfulness Is All About Bringing Your Attention To The Present Moment And Letting Your Thoughts Come And Go. With Regular Practice, Mindfulness Becomes Second Nature For Use At Times Of Anxiety And Stress.

Keeping Calm, And Practicing Mindfulness Should Help You From Worrying About Future Scenarios, And Past Events, Enabling You To Focus On The Here And Now, And Yourself And Your Baby.

Don’t Try To Lose Weight

It’s Disconcerting To Gain Weight And See Your Body Change, But It’s Supposed To Happen. Don’t Starve Yourselves Or Cut Out Calories In An Attempt To Stay The Same.

Strive To Be Happy And Surround Yourself With Your Positive Vibes When Expecting To Have A Healthy Pregnancy.

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