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If there are more than 30 degrees outside and you wear a Hijab, you probably don’t feel very comfortable. It’s hot, humid and the fact that you wear a scarf does not help you a lot. You will keep your Hijab no matter what, but why not make things easier for you? The truth is that you can feel good with your Hijab even in hot weather. Here is how to adapt your outfits for the summer:

  • Give up the volume. Many Hijabis volumize their scarf with a scrunchie or… another scarf. While this might look fashionable, it is not helpful at all when it’s hot outside. It will only add another layer of material and it will make the weather seem unbearable. Keep the volume for the winter time!
  • Use a “ready to wear hijab”. If you did not know about this before, you are welcome! A “ready to wear hijab” is basically a scarf that is already sewn so it will fit perfectly on your head. You don’t have to wrap it, arrange it or pin it. In one minute you are ready and you don’t have to worry about feeling hot since it’s only one layer of material.
  • Adopt flowy Hijab styles. The classic, tight style might look good, but we all know it can be suffocating sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet and you can easily learn how to make a flowy Hijab style.
  • Wear turbans and underscarf. They are comfortable, they allow you to breathe since they are not wrapped around your neck and they look super chic. If you don’t want to show your neck, you can wear a chiffon scarf loosely on your shoulders.
underscarf hijab in black
  • Choose light materials. Many cotton scarfs look nice, but they will make you feel even more hot. Why not try to wear more silk in this summer? You will not believe how light silk is and how free it makes you feel!
شيفون حجاب

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