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Has it occurred to you that you have been hearing the term “Modest Fashion” quite frequently lately? That is because Modest Fashion is quite a thing now. Influenced by socio-cultural characteristics of a certain country, the term generally refers to fashion trend revealing less skin. In other words; dressing fashionably in a modest way.

There isn’t much evolution to modest dressing but the proof that it is the most fashionable thing at the moment dawns from runway shows and street styles.

Many opine that this massive shift happened because of major public influence. With influencers around us, fashion is no more a trickle-down effect from runways to the audience. In fact, it is the other way around.

Thanks to influencers, particularly from the Middle East, who made covering up as fashionable as showing skin.

hijab model

Varieties of hats have always been in vogue. Scarves made its debut as a fashion accessory in the early 19thcentury. As for Hijabs, it became a separate fashion empire in the last five years.

hijab model
حجاب فاشينيستا

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