Simple 7 Easy To Do Tips For Hijab Hair Care

As a Muslim female, it can be very difficult to take care of your hair when you wear a hijab every day. We get so used to just throwing it in an uncombed bun and calling it a day by quickly putting on a hijab. Here are a few quick tips for hijab hair care:

hijab hair care

1.Treat Your Hair At Least Once a Week

Life can get so busy at times that you forget to tend to your hair. Try to pick one day out of the week to treat your hair. I choose to do this on the days where I am already having a self-care afternoon or evening, usually on Fridays. I’ve noticed that it is best to use natural homemade hair masks for the best results. I also stacked up on leave-in conditioners and it does wonders for your hair. One combination I use during the winter months when my hair is super dry and needs a moisture boost is avocado, honey and olive oil.

2.Put Oil In Your Hair

The best thing you can do is put oil in your hair. To prevent your hair from getting too dry and brittle you MUST put oil in it. Some of us have naturally dry hair so moisturizing it occasionally would help your hair tremendously. What I usually do is mix a few oils together into a spray bottle and focus on moisturizing the roots and the ends of the hair. Also, try to minimize washing your hair to only once a week with shampoo. On the days where it isn’t hair care day for me, I usually just use conditioner only and follow up with a leave-in conditioner before I use my oil blend.

3.Make Sure to Thoroughly Dry Your Hair Before You Put On Your Hijab

When time is not on your side you will be tempted to just tie your hair in a bun while it is wet and put on your hijab. I’m so guilty of this myself, especially in the mornings when I wash my hair and I’m in such a hurry. Tying up your hair while wet is more prone to breakage and it can be very damaging to your hair. My suggestion would be to find a time where its best to wash your hair to allow it to dry naturally. If this isn’t possible and you wash it before you have to leave, then I suggest using a t-shirt to first dry the hair. I then use a heat protector after my regular leave-in conditioner and oil blend and use a blow dryer on medium heat at a safe distance a few inches from my hair. This is important to do so that I do not dry out the hair too much and retain as much moisture as possible.

4.Let Your Hair Down

Wearing a hijab all day with your hair tied up can make it hard for your hair to breathe. Make it a habit to untie your hair and let it loose after having it under the hijab all day long. Try to also give yourself a quick head massage to increase the blood circulation to your scalp. When doing a head massage, turn your head upside down so that blood can rush to your head and by massaging the head it will help the circulation of blood to the scalp. This can potentially stimulate hair growth.

5.Use Silk Bonnets and Pillowcases to Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Silk pillowcases help reduce friction to limit hair breakage or damage. Also, because it is silk the pillowcase doesn’t pull on your hair while sleep. I also recommend using a silk bonnet if you do not have a silk pillowcase. They both essentially function in the same way, just in different styles. Both of these items also help retain moisture.

6.Get Regular Trims

Let’s face it, split ends are not pretty. They can make your hair look brittle and lifeless and trust me you do not want that. Split ends also can continue to split up the length of your hair if you do not trim them regularly. By scheduling a regular trim on a schedule of about every 3-4 months can help keep your beautiful hair stay that way and can also encourage growth. Who wouldn’t want that?

7.Wear an Underscarf to Protect Your Hairline

wearing an under scarf has many advantages. Besides keeping your hijab collection in good shape, it can also protect your hairline from thinning. As mentioned above with the use of silk pillowcases and bonnets, the same ideology can be applied here. Also, try not to wear your hijab too tight! This can actually cause headaches/migraines for some.

hijabi hair

Thank you hijabi’s for visiting our post for hijab hair care tips :)

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