About Us

A Puzzle Worth Solving

Style is a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved. Each top, trousser and accessory is a piece of a personal puzzle every woman tries to figure out. But where does the Hijab fit into this intricate riddle? Should the Hijab just be an extra piece or is it the missing piece?That’s what Luxy Hijab aims to solve. We want to be the missing piece to the puzzle that is modern Muslim fashion

Empowerment Through Individualism

When I first began wearing the Hijab, I began to realize every item of clothing in my closet clashed with every hijab in the market. So I began to change my wardrobe to match the few options I had in the quality hijab I found. Even though I found a look that worked for me, I couldn’t call that look ‘my own’.This is why I founded Luxy Hijab. I wanted to give women across the Middle East, and around the world, a reason to find their own unique style. To be able to match their current wardrobe with a range of quality scarves. To find that missing piece to their fashion puzzle.

Stitching It All Together

My new found ambition lead me to discover a hidden world of colors, quality, and adaptability that is hard to find in any country. I began to realize that the Hijab does not have to be the final piece to the puzzle, but rather the piece that starts it all. The range of Hijabs that I collected were allowing me to go back to my roots and rediscover my own sense of style. One that speaks to who I am instead of who I should be.Now I am bringing that same range of Hijabs to the rest of the Muslim world with Luxy Hijab.


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